Hydraulic Buffers

Hydraulic Buffers

Exclusive Distributor

Oleo is World Leading Manufacturer of Elevator Hydraulic Buffers complying with Lift Directive 2014/33/EC and EN 81.20/50 and ASME Standards

Oleo buffers are designed and manufactured according to strict engineering standards and are universally approved and globally certified. Oleo buffers are smaller and weigh considerably less than many alternatives and they can be supplied oil filled which reduces the cost of logistics, saves time and reduces the risk of errors during installation.

As been official exclusive distributor of Oleo Buffers in Turkey, EVA team will be happy to support for any of your needs

Product features
– Quick & Easy Installation
– Energy dissipation buffer
– Increased passenger protection thanks to Minimum G-force experience.
– Lowest possible compressed height for specified mass range.
– Wide mass range.
– Rated speeds up to 11,55 m/s.

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